Josh Cromwell Reel

Josh Cromwell General Animation Reel.

Music by DJ Shadow.

nobody speak // dj shadow ft run the jewels (instrumental)
the mountain will fall 2016.

Animations by Josh Cromwell


Highland Flowers Music Video

Animation -Josh Cromwell

Vocals / Guitar by @iamjoeycook
Guitar by @recordnumbers
Drums by @tacos4dinner
Bass by @jj.braves
Piano / Synth / Organ by @jungerleiderr
Filmed by @spencer.sease
Sound Engineering by @jj.braves
Mixing & Mastering by @craigleachsounds
Produced by @iamjoeycook & @jj.braves
Recorded at
Music & Lyrics by @iamjoeycook
Vibe by @recordnumbers
Album ? by @iamjoeycook
Promo Photography by @gathree


What You Want To Hear

Music by Sub-Radio

Video by ActNau Productions

“What You Want To Hear” // Sub-Radio
What You Want To Hear 2021

Text Animation by Josh Cromwell


Hourglass Sessions Love Stream

Live stream concert event on February 13th, Streamed to Youtube, Facebook, and Decentraland.

Featuring music by Tyler Meacham, Vybehouse, and The Firnats.

Collaboration with Hourglass Sessions team to create graphics for a livestream experience from Richmond, VA.


Ava Gray Lyric Video

Lyric Video for “Altar” by Ava Gray

Music by Ava Gray

“Altar” // Ava Gray
Altar 2020

Animated by Josh Cromwell


Sunny D Music Video

Animated Music Video for Jason Jamal

Music by Jason Jamal

“Sunny D” // Jason Jamal
Sunny D + Kintsugi 2020

Animated by Josh Cromwell


The Magic Square

CG Animated Short Film Directed and Animated by Josh Cromwell.

Kelly Bolden
Erika Gwynn
Orlea Mattson
Odile Postic
Liam Storm
Rickaya Sykes

Clayton Turner
Josh Cromwell

Received 2nd place in the experimental film category at the
Josiah Media Festival, San Antonio, Texas, 2019.


Fractal Cubes

3D animation

Music by Tipper

“Cubic Squeal” // Tipper
Lattice 2017

Animated by Josh Cromwell